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Terms & Conditions

What are Terms & Conditions?

As the owner of Dylan Farr Animation's Digital Art Portfolio, we have established legally binding terms and conditions for our website visitors and customers. These terms and conditions outline the legal boundaries governing the activities of our visitors and customers while they visit and engage with our website. Our terms and conditions are designed to establish a clear legal relationship between our website visitors and us as the website owner.

Why are Terms & Conditions Important?

Our terms and conditions are important for protecting ourselves and our customers from potential legal exposure. By defining our terms and conditions, we can specify who is allowed to use our website, the terms of payment, our right to change our offerings in the future, the types of warranties we provide, and reference issues of intellectual property or copyrights. Our terms and conditions also outline our right to suspend or cancel a member's account if necessary.

What is Included in Our Terms & Conditions?

Our terms and conditions cover a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, the following: Who is allowed to use our website, the types of services we offer, payment terms and conditions, warranties and guarantees, intellectual property rights, and our right to modify or terminate our services. For more information, please refer to our detailed Terms & Conditions document.

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